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The Power of Music To create Connections

Experience the power of music as we unite children from Israel and Palestine through the ensemble playing with steel drums.

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The greatest power to create connections

Numerous scientific studies show the profound effects of ensemble music on the developing minds of children. It appears that when children engage in making music together, there is stimulated cognitive and neurological development. It enhances social skills, teamwork, and emotional intelligence in young minds.

The interaction required in ensemble playing seems to create a unique environment where children learn not just the language of music but the language of collaboration and connection.

Listen to our latest webinar about the power of music in the midst of war here!

Our Mission
Picture this: two children from entirely different backgrounds, who have been taught that the other child might just be the enemy, are creating a friendship right in front of your eyes.
As you know, at Peace Drums Project, we bring children together, regardless of their religious, cultural, and social differences, in Israel and Palestine, through the power of music.
In times like these, where we tend to focus so much more on the separation we see than the connection we might create, our work seems more important than ever...
The power of music is undeniable, and at Peace Drums Project, we are witnessing its transformative impact firsthand. Together, let's continue to build bridges and inspire a future where unity prevails.

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